Track Name: Just Another Face In The Crowd prod. by Fwego
Just another face in the crowd
do you hear me now?
see me now?
when & how?
right now on the track
tv or computer screen? (neither)
you know the routine( program to watch tv or sit in front of the computer)
by any means follow your dreams(live your life)
don't wanna die wondering
saying what if
everybody bless with a gift
first love first kiss
first bitch that brake your heart
now you play it smart
stay on guard
hoes wanna slow you down
must be the music
cause they all wanna come around
hear money in our sound( Kushandbeatz Free )
panties wanna hit the ground
another face in the crowd
smoking on that loud
deep pulls i let it float slow
blowing rings by the second
O after O after O
before i go put the smoke in the night light
because the night right
California dreaming Ny Skeeming(day dreaming bout living good)(R.i.P. Biggie Smalls)
on the next flight ; city lights spark a ny night (Nas Line)
moet sittin on ice got me feeling right
before we plan the next heist (The Firm - Nas & Az & Foxy Brown)
life is a bitch & a gamble
and i let her blow the dice
see the money in the air
she wants to see rice
love at first sight
naw she had me blind fold
kissing in the park in the dark
with our eyes close
walking to the door
copping feels in the hallway
took off her cool greys
smooth like im Cool J
thinking she the one
like she caught the bouquet
Track Name: Born Sinnin prod. by Fwego
Kon'science (talking)(Ego Death)

We all sinners (nobody perfect)
we all born to die
wasted enough time already
could of died in that 360 turn
wasn't scared then haha
huh? what would your Nana say huh?


2 In the front
1 in the backseat of the whip
my nigga rolling piff
be high as shit
trying to think of lines
put my seat decline
so much shit up on my mind
happens every time
start thinking negative
another lost relative
its like how can i live positive
in this fuck up world
but I'm alive (& thankful)
so Ima strive to decide to get focus
even tho i feel pointless
and my life is hopeless
ima show you the way like Moses
across the red sea & set free
a colony of emcees (Kushandbeatz)
with quality of killing beats
now you see ?
we the heart of the city really
we making history
now get with me but i don't see no love
Aint it hard to tell well
i just laugh & shrug
audio cocaine your speakers on drugs
so turn it up until it overdose
so when I go (when my heart give in)
just roll some smoke
on that note i gotta go
cause who knows... when it be my time to go
knew it will come one day a long time ago
feeling like a puppet in a puppet show
getting our strings pulled
life is so misunderstood
but I'm trying live it good
as we should living proper
trying to prosper
aint saying nada to them wagon hoppers (Kushandbeatz Mds Trackeaterz non believers)
wanna kick it like soccer its not a shocker
heard the buzz got larger
staying away from them whoppers (nasty ass fast food)
middle finger to them coppers(the bad cops)
killing us all they trying stop us
don't want us to be lawyers actors or doctors
writing scripts or taking blood
they want yall Crip they want yall Blood
killing each other selling drugs
shooting clubs getting mugged
funerals tears & hugs

And this is the world that we live in?
born sinning
forgiving we not perfect we just living
im wishing we get it together
whenever whatever it takes to get better
you better do better

And this is the world that we live in?
born sinning
forgiving we not perfect we just living
im wishing we get it together
whenever whatever it takes to make things get better
you better do better..Fuck
Track Name: Switch Flip prod. by Fwego

Lost in black thoughts
feeling blue what else is new
so much going on in my mind
lets light a couple few L's
walking down the street
paying attention to every detail
females alot of traffic
smell of pizza helps me breathe well
old couples window shopping
young boys in the sneaker store
always copping anything they dropping
see the bigger picture its tough
cause they be cropping
but you gonna see it one day
our motto is theres no stopping
and thats monday to sunday
taking no days off theres a problem
thinking ways to solve them (KushAndBeatz movement)
now its on to the next one
& we aiming for respect son
outter space with the jetsons
i be on my 1's & 2's
living how i want to (not caring bout reality)
i got a bike , a board , good music that you can bump too( thats all i need)
i need food in this jungle (starving)
playing no games putting words together no ruzzle
try to figure it out i hate puzzles
i get frustrated that becomes more trouble
so i play the cut with sounds that i can cut
Track Name: Powers Of Love pt. 2 prod. by Fwego
Powers Of love you so beautiful
everything i do, i do it for you
how deep is your love?
every minute spent with you
is a dream come true
close my eyes and all i see is you

It happens to the best of us
fall in love with her touch
kiss her lips & feel a rush
old habits start to adjust
cause our love is special
we have to be careful
all we need is trust & for us to be faithful
baby i promise
i will try my hardest
to be honest regardless
the circumstances
come on lets take chances
no matter whats a stake
we gonna make mistakes
thats gonna make us great
so baby we'll be straight
your friends hate
because they cant relate
so let em talk
we better off anyway
its me and you
and everything that we do
its just me and you
i thought you knew
your mental and your physical
got me thinking bout a kid or two
but for now have a drink or two
celebration for the life
we have one
living life fast
times fly when we having fun
why not live it up
pour more in my cup
only time sky is the limit is when we looking up

powers of love you so beautiful
everything i do

dream come true and all i see is you
Track Name: Good Morning prod. by Fwego
Woke up In The Morning in a good mood
took a piss brush my teeth headed to the kitchen get some food
im bumping old school Public Enemy - Fight The Power
hop in the shower a day in september
rapping lines I'm not going to remember
but i hope you will BoogieMDS (M)illion (D)olla (S)wag)
but i don't have a mil
(M)oney (D)estroying (our) (S)ociety
thats whats real
murder & steal at will
weed, money ,pussy & pills
seeds by dummy's tryna get a bill (living life wrong to feed the youth)
deeds by the devil Ah (boredom is the devil's playground)
give you the chills
im from the era of South Pole & Ecko
and man hunt it was never to dark in the park
in the hood chips & pop tarts
as a youngster
a played the saxophone
in Ms. Stroizer class trying find a tone
walking home alone
when the sunshine
its me & my shadow
holding an instrument
feeling like desperado
walking in quick sand but manage to see you tomorrow
this an ill jam
but nothing go as plan
thats why you just gotta get it man
dont give a damn
cause they don't give a fuck
make your own luck
trust your own gut
what they eat don't make you shit
nothing comes to those who quit
Track Name: 6:21 prod. by Fwego
& I'm up and still writing
got some roaches on the table
and that's what I'm lighting
sleep I am fighting
hungry & still tired
got a red bull to keep my wired
J Dilla got me inspired
to find a way to maintain
in this game music keeps me sane
fuck the fame playing the game
as it's tryna play me
the world is crazy
I'm just tryna get by & do right
and stay humble
but only when the mood right
its like i done died twice
life's a gamble I'm good with the dice
they got the power
now Im tryna fight
knock them out the limelight(focus of public attention)
bring em to reality show them my mentality
is something their not use to
when you introduce to
that hardknock living
everything is a privilege
even the words that I'm given
so listen apply to your everyday life
the battle against good & evil
is lethal
they tryna get under skin
like needles poisoning people
so I fly like an eagle
revolution 9 I'm the Beatles(R.I.P. John Lennon)
If 6 was 9 (R.I.P. Jimi Hendrix)
and the sun refuse to shine
where the rain make pools in the gutter
where they suffer
without a father or a mother
freezing with no covers
boiling water for a hot bath( I experience this)
rats eating out the trash
a lot of people doing bad
so be thankful for what you have
It's not about the cash
you can't buy time
life gone in a flash
so do what you love
& keep your family above
& knod your head to the drums
& rep where your from
I'm just another face
and this is another song
another verse another hurse (another song kilt)
another robbery another purse (crime that needs to be stop in America)
another day
& I'm just another face in the crowd
Track Name: Life Is What You Make It prod. by Fwego
Life is what you make it
there's always ups & downs
things happens for a reason
then karma comes around
with the good comes the bad
embrace every moment
happy or sad
just be glad & cherish every moment

You don't have to worry
you can say that i got this
keys to my dreams
like i stole them from the locksmith
trying to find my direction
before they invade like inception
nightmares of rejection
staring at my reflection
on the back of the bus
my music up loud
bout to get off soon
moving thro the crowd
almost drop my black & mild
I'm not tryna miss my stop
then I peep the bus driver
didn't wanna stop
he said" this the express"
It wasn't before i got on
and now I'm stress
I have to wait to the next stop
and shit is like 3 blocks
& its to hot to walk
but only in NY
everybody moving on a fast place
I just wanna escape
and meditate to another world
another place I'm just another face
can you relate?
so much shit up on my plate
I cant get my thoughts straight
I'm tryna create better music
before i lose it
so i do it , can it be so simple?
head against the window
knoding to the tempo
instrumentals helps my mental
snares , piano , drums , crashing symbols
loud claps & Hi - hats
are equal like my people

Life is what you make it
there's always ups & downs
things happens for a reason
then karma comes around
with the good comes the bad
embrace every moment
happy or sad
just be glad & cherish every moment
Track Name: Flame On prod. by Fwego
The Flame on
the game wrong
every time i listen
keep hearing that damn song(same songs on the radio)
we all shinning with no chains on (more things important than jewelry)
as a I brain storm
smoking in the hurricane
purple haze along the watchtower
as i watch monsters going bonkers
turn off your Tv kill your radio
we leaders of the new school
im Bustin Rhymes every scenario
so here we go
Watch, as I combine
all the juice from the mind
Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind
passion for this music will never be define
dont be waisting time
Track Name: Under Estimated Prophets pt. 2 prod. by Fwego
Under Estimated Prophets
with knowledge thats solid
show you ups & downs
damn hydraulics
every verse is symbolic
every since i started
wasn't the smartest
wasn't the hardest
but with better logic not to give a fuck
my enemy's ( I'm my on enemy)
Is trust jealousy & lust
old habits & giving up
over thinking & such
nightmares haunting me for month
i wish we can WAKE UP
& saying fuck this paper(people make the world go round)
cause life's a bitch (cliche)
I murder anybody that try to rape her
protect your neck & protect her
like she's your little sister
you thinking outside the frame
yeah now you get the picture
you get up out the game
you can hold the controller
Grand Theft Auto life
single baby mothers pushing strollers
same cycle over & over
thinking bout life over a corona
same faces thats on the corners
same faces that says "yo honor "
more faces on marijuana
more cases thats over drama
no more songs like dear mama
well dear mama
im like this until its over (the struggle)
i see it in her eyes she don't look at me the same
yeah she a teacher well she
at least committing to a change
and while you focus on them dames
i got dames searching names
got her in a Angela Davis
state of mind on these lames
& thats gangsta(females wanna be gangsta instead of educated)
Track Name: Bonus*Niggas Beyond Neptune(n.e.r.d.) prod. by Fwego
Turn me up its not me i think your speakers low(turn me up)
I'm so high you can not see me with a telescope(can't see me)
I'm so dope(80s baby)
since 89'(1989)
I'm lost in time
the world is mine
if 6 was 9 (R.I.P Jimi Hendrix)
the world be mines (better than what it is)
3 extra years for this life of mines
the comeback kids that's tryna shine
but everything is cloudy
& now I'm feeling drowsy
but I never sleep
I'm rapping & making beats
i barely get to smoke weed
i try to stay busy
but now & then my mind be hazy
they looking at me like I'm crazy
Donnie Darko of this rathole
treating us like lab rats
they know where the HELL we at
so i stay to myself
continue being me cause i don't know nothing else
Damn? I don't even know myself
stuck in a dream
that escape the dream catcher
everything that i was after turn into a disaster
we all slaves for the invisible master
we all starving & they getting fatter
but this shit is laughter
but im not joking with these clowns
you might be one of us
so stick around when its going down
I had to change my pitch
like I'm back up on the mound
the all black elk
just warming up
you might bout to get melt
I'm going hard
like Charizard
on level 100
the games over
your fame is over (music over fame)
i got a chip on my shoulder
now zip it up
cause my heart can be so much colder
my system is solar
ice cold like a polar
freezing like the Neptunes
put this on your itunes
cause I'm the man on the moon
and this is not a cartoon
coming thro this weeknd
popping all your balloons
fucking up the party
fuck that r&b shit
I'm tagging up with my sharpie
jamming like Bob Marley
chillin with the rastas
R.i.p to Pasta (Kasaun)
& White Boy (Steven)
was on the back of the bus
making dum noise
watching fights on mundy lane
& running from the boys damn
I'm on memory lane
with my boys