Track Name: Kon'science - Poisonous Patterns prod. by Dre
I'm back at it
you know with more classics
cuz shit I'm to drastic
inspired by all passion
and I refuse to be caught up
in that pattern
to old for attachments
WARNING SIGN that's a hazard
affirmative action will make it happen
its our time now
yeah that will be the caption
I see through the design
its mathematics , to supreme
& move systematic
my style will never show stagnant
to attractive like a magnet
it's boring if it's not a challenge
I guess it takes some SOUL to make it happen
ignoring what the radio rapping
they program for distractions
on the pursuit of happiness
so I'm taking risk
with every chance that I get
I'm mad chillin with mad villains
spitting with no ad libs for a better listen
looking forward , no time for reminiscing
still with the vision , & I'm far from quitting
another face in the crowd born sinnin
swept the game off her feet
spit on the broom for superstition
on the quest to get my vibe right
so don't question what is missing
I'm in the cut where I move sharply
fuck a job I'm Dave Chappelle
working at Pop Copy
everything you need you was born with
some are without an arm or leg
you healthy you was born legit
but that's the part they don't get
I been places where they argue
where the next meal
I been places where they argue
about likes on a pic , like yo you for real?
on the land where they steal
on land that's stolen
or is this an ILLusion
or better yet have we been chosen
or better yet tested
If so I'm trying get you on the right path
with out a question ...with out a question
damn, I forgot my next line tho
but shit Ima keep it funky like a wine - o
I'm a polite asshole
in 5th grade they said I was to quiet
now I'm the voice to make peace during riots
the King killing jack
because I'm shinning with the silence
& it smell's like redrum
every time i flow over these drums
cough up a lung , born in Bk
but southside is where I'm from son ...
Track Name: Kon'science - Kontrasting prod. by Boogie
They wanna hear Money
they wanna hear Hoes
they wanna hear 44's
knocking off their Foes
they wanna hear Hate
& they wanna hear Fear
its like they just
wanna hear all bad news here
you wanna hear ratchet songs
& see ratchet thongs
but I don't know
any body fucking born ratchet dog
can't be my son or daughter
dying from thirst
drinking everything but water
shit is loco
so I'm anti-social
to be more vocal
yeah , I'm old school
when it was all about passion
and not where you macking
shit, fuck what they rapping
peep the action
same old shit
or doing the opposite
smoke in the esophagus
now I'm high off confidence
I'd be happy to pass it
make sure you drop kid
it's more then rhymes
important documents
for your consciousness
I'm a slim Big Pun
that stays anonymous
until I'm fossil shit
find me under the dirt
where the best is worth (underground or dead)
If you know me
I'm far from cocky
my thoughts be kind of sloppy
couple screws loose
but still on the pursuit
to bring you rappers that are lethal
incognito , & tha'ts how it be tho
moving thro space
just another face
document every moment
just in case someone
just knock me out my orbit
but I be back same mission
and we be on it
don't have to cheat in this game
when I'm respawning
changing lanes when I am zoning
time is on my side
so I unbuckled & enjoy the ride
shifting thro the galaxy
hope my earth isn't mad at me
I had to see the moon
& see how it shines for me
now you see
I'm you , I'm we , I'm nobody
I'm a shell from a shotty
this shell is my body
close my eyes dreaming of a world
where we all party
with nature
brighten up your day is in my nature
so when your mind
is on auto pilot
I be your guidance
I am the dream
Mr. radio Killah
the moon walking thriller
feel a nigga...
Track Name: Kon'science - Make It Right prod. by Chocalope

Ima do this shit , until the death of me
make everything right of whats left of me
Pootie Tangs on the track
I guess I'm deaf you see
cause I don't hear nothing even worth listening
rappers talk about bars
I talk that real shit
rappers wanna be stars
I'm on the Moon...shit
need a planet for myself
& bring all the people who
don't car about nothing else
but making good music
or being outside
talking laughing with good vibes
skip school order pizza
play games inside
or cuffin with your lady
staying low getting yours
cause these streets
born alone die alone
people aint so friendly
a planet where the block isn't hot
& don't have to be paranoid
cause you forgot your glock
skate anywhere & don't
have to worry about the cops
a planet with no money
but everyone can shop
If i ruled the world
be plenty of thug mansions
but you don't have to be a thug
to live on this planet
be a thug or a geek
good lady or a freak
nobody is perfect
just make time in your life worth it
i live life but not more
than I observe it
I wanna give more to the world
than what I return with
cause now days it's a contest
you get more listens if you fabricated
& none if you honest
I guess I gotta show the rock sign
or one eye to get signs
from the one eye
just to get sign
& if we don't share the same views
well hey that's fine
I rather be who I am
than hide behind a disguise
they say I'm killin shit
naw I make it alive
I'm not saying I'm the best
but yeah I take pride
in my rhymes to guide
those who was blind
besides I rather try
& grind til the stars align
Track Name: Kon'science - Who's World? prod. by Djpeeweherman
People have dreams but dreams of what they see
my dreams are unseen its meant for all kings
you dream of diamond rings & designer things
that only brings , what this world don't need
so help me out please
I wanna go state to state but can't
cuz my pockets aren't great
can't leave a tip for a date
cuz ima need that
cant ease pass
gotta pay a toll city to city
what a pity really , that shit is wack
the world is yours ?
you better get it back
cuz maybe it wasn't yours in the first place
like who grow's up saying yo dun
ima push weight
or be addicted to drugs
or be a super thug
letting off slugs
washing away your brothers blood
like yo this shit is bugged
or ima be a cashier cuz last year
I had all the girls & all the latest gear
cuz I was in their ear
they lied in our history
you didn't do the math or add it up
& you won't listen to me until I'm history
so peep the science
while I'm silent my alliance
is full with giants & honest pirates
tryna free the island
until we free off them islands
so is wilding but I'm smiling
cuz i know we gonna get there one day
so lets go & keep the fro
you don't gotta follow me
you can lead with me
& leave these 9 to 5's empty
cuz there plenty more to life
then owning a Bently , really
so why they envy
when you doing better than me
they rich as fuck
they look at yall
but they listen to us , fuck
I'm a mad man , I need a cat scan
they got power but they still human like batman
death to these movies making the hood look cool
you feeling happy to have a hammer but don't be a tool
how you corrupted tryna preach to me
like I don't see that easily
you moving illegally just to get to me
shit changed , I'm not the same
my experience can be the blame
like when I was in them projects
with my ol shawty working on my project
& peep how they treat us like a project
but it way more complex
by any means Malcolm X
and I don't wanna sound like I'm vex
simple cause & effect
you can close your eyes
& keep getting high
& when you come down
believing these lies
waiting to die
or if I'm a figment of your imagination
take these words & reach your greatness

this is for my low-life's
living the high -life
living it up cuz these moments don't come twice

(they don't come twice) 2X

this is for my low-life's
living the high -life
living it up cuz these moments don't come twice

(they don't come twice)

do whatever
your reality
my reality
change this bullshit we waking up gradually
I'm glad you see
Track Name: Kon'science - Straight Face prod. by King Soul The Great
I gave yall Weird Science
& The BoogiExperience
beats vibin through ligaments
burying different instruments
this isn't a mixtape
its a fucking experiment
revolution for freedom & peace
awesome predicament
chillin like a villain
but I can be so mischievous
mobbin deep with the infamous
killin reptilian wickedness
living in hell 101
I'll sign up for that syllabus
they aint see crazy yet
shit I was just being generous

(cant be that mad)

cause they don't know whats controlling them
I was caught in the hassle too
Mama wasn't consoling him
now they patrolling him
am I really that paranoid
over music I'm flowing in
not the only one exposing them
I'm in the movie forgotten
in the apple that is rotten
common sense isn't common
King of the ring like Muhammad
couple loses
you renig last hand now we going Boston
I'm on my 25th hour shit like Ed Norton
If signs of the end is near
than I keep my sisters near
killers & nerds you keep your pistols near
you fuck with underground music
find us under there
its capital punishment
so beware or be scared here
& if my dreams shatter it don't matter
I had dreams of playing ball
now I get plays then play ball
no phone , no calls
bigger fish to fry
down the block getting fish & fries
Nas said it was written
so now I improvise , but I seen it coming

keep silence over noise
evolve into Blastoise
than I blast toys
then Cruise until they Oblivion
you clone me ,
I'm hydro pumping that Charmeleon
then rescue a few civilians
freedom over a million
I have a few fans but only 5 % is feeling him
very odd future kill em all
no humans its only creatures
& I don't charge you to listen
nigga I'm no preacher
lifes a gamble hot hand
& I rolled fever
Track Name: Kon'science - Good Morning pt. 2 prod. by Fwego
Niggas spit 16 bars
to get 16 cars (alot of rappers rap just get fancy things cars ,jewelry)
sky is the limit
I'm with 16 stars
coming near a space near you
your wish has been granted
where I'm from , time & space
we're the Digable planets
they here to promote these drugs
promote these hoes
& more violence (yeah)
& some wack as clothes
while we here with some dope ass flows
see the plot thickens
like eyebrows on drake & j cole
playing the hand I've been dealt
my tale/tell was never told
they can be in it for the chips
cuz their tale/tell has been sold
yall coffee-housing man
kushandbeatz will never fold
its the monks against the serpents
while I'm writtin on my scroll
sent everything my way (lifes ups & downs)
just to stop me
trading like a swap meat (selling & buying)
blood suckers I'm eating broccoli (vegetarian)
lagging in the matrix
moving all sloopy
beam me up scottie
now no one you can spot me
rather have a Lexus or justice
a dream or substance
a Beamer, a necklace or freedom
cuz we want freedom & equality
poverty , monopoly , taking over property
rather have an acre of land (& be free)
than some technology
Track Name: Elevate / Reality prod. by Fwego

Day dreaming
While my niggas be skating
My thoughts be racing
Creating , different visuals
While my mind escaping
I live positive
But I'm what
Negativity keeps selecting
So I'm guessing
This 3rd dimension
Is so deceptive
& quite upsetting
So now I'm setting
My perspective
To be more receptive
& sticking to the script
Is always the objective
Speak the truth for youth
They in it for entertainment
Be famous
Lights camera action
Sho time the shit is shameless
We all the same in the crowd
With different faces
Just face it
This time it can not be wasted
On just being wasted
But Ima take my time
Killing shit as if I am Jason
With patience
Accumulating people in this world
For the greatness
Ready for the massacre? for survivors
I got the machete
Grenades , shotgun
I'm the passenger
Space traveler
Ahead of my time last year
I needed next year calender
The soul calibur
I'm on the grind like
A backside 50-50
Changing the world or changing the world
Shit is like 50-50
I feel your aura
So I know you fucking with me
Free your mind cause mines was filthy
Corrupted by the sticky & whiskey
To old for attachments
Got on my grizzly quickly
Idle - Hands Experience shit i got to stay busy
Spitting rhymes that are witty
Enjoying the sun , walking around the city
Everyday struggle but shit it's no Biggie

As The clock tick & everybody dying slow
I'm making beats writing shit til my eyes low
Ima do what I want , when I want til I go
Fake money , Fake God, damn even fake snow ?
Grass greener on the other side
That's where the snakes go
Bout time you find me out
I be we the greats go
It's all love over here baby so let that hate go
The truth aobut blacks on B.E.T
That'll be a great show
But I'm trying to keep balance
My tv showing my violence
You better wise up fuck sitting there looking stuck
It's free downloads but we try to keep it a buck
Keep some beat in the trunk
Lived for the funk , I died for the funk
You get the message ,careless for the views
Only a few understand man that all that proves
Now all I see is weed liquor twerking all on Youtube
It's the land of the free..huh?
Wait I'm confuse
If everybody doing the same thing
Its a shame what this game bring
I use to wanna be beats & not do a damn thing
Let my niggas rap play the back
And remain King
Then I quit the herb
Put power behind my words
But I hate my voice , how I talk
And the way I slur
It's the curse and the gift
Reason why I exist
Like niggas is scared of the government
Not prepared for heaven sent
Don't believe in me but believe your president
Can't say your free paying rent as a resident
Kill em all they know its me so fuck the evidence
A militant veteran stress free dancing like George Jefferson
Open your mind before you open your mouth
I open my mind now I can't shut my mouth