Track Name: Be Yourself ft. 2pac prod. by Fwego
I never beep my horn at a girl before
I probably stare her down to let her know that I adore
close your legs , open your mind & let me explore
girl put down the broom
I'll do the chores
cause I see how they treat you
& shit, I can't stand it
maybe I'm from a different planet
your the paint to my canvas
I don't mean to brush up on you
but you don't need the make up & oils
weave & hair soils
time to go natural
the real you I value
grapes & apples
listening to Ms.Badu while we playing scrabble
we have to know our Roots
"You've Got Me " caught up in the loop
damn you beautiful
you inspire me as usual
imagine everyone living in peace
kids playing hide & seek in the streets
fresh air minus the pollution
everybody talk about problems
but where's the solution
I mean somebody has to do it
so let me influence
Track Name: Face Off prod. by Fwego
Coming from the underground
they won't let me out
my hair to nappy
want me to shut my mouth
you to happy ..
what u smiling bout
uncle Sam still
got my niggas in the fucking drout
stress out above the clouds
riding thro ghost town
I don't care for these bars
but here's another round
of that good shit
I know you tired of that
money hoes & clothes
and how they get it
underground don't be bullshitting
I live for music
so I'm getting to it
I need it
fuck it I wanted
shed days i stayed blunted
curving hoes for flows
I stayed fronting
told me that I'm good for nothing
but these beats for beat for something
wanted me to beat for nothing
never had a full house
always bluffing
grinding while she cuffing
while I'm timing the percussion
learning while they party
at different functions
3 years with the same constructions
my motto is fuck it
but everything look well constructed
my clan in the front
to bring the ruckas
nothing else to say but...
Track Name: When Did It Turn? prod. by Fwego
Tired of the bullshit lets be real
a lot of raps don't mean shit & that's how i feel
When did it turn into a contest ?
about who got this & who got that?
& what shawty did & if her ass is fat
if u in the trap
but kids know that's a trap
thats not where its at
a contest about ..who on the grind?
how about a contest about who use their mind
what you do with your time
coolest nigga never deal with the crime
coolest nigga stay focus
& never play with the circus
only records if its worth it
false prophets
promoting garbage
if u knew better
you do better thats logic
doesn't matter who better
I'm never acting cheesy for cheddar
what you see is what you get
been thro hell & back (have to go through the bad before it gets better)
so why would I quit
my whole team is legit
you must be piss cause we the shit
so at the end of the day
we say fuck em all
cause we knew we had a shot
before they pass us the ball
I wont dance if I dont hear a song...
Track Name: Help Me , Help You prod. by Fwego
I smile at the ones
who say they don't fuck with the help
cause they the same ones
who be thinking I'm dope
reciting my quotes
giving me hope
giving me money for the smoke
for the days we was broke
& I'm still broke
23 living at my momma crib
but I'm thankful got a place to rest my head
back in bk where we use to share them beds
kool aid & bread, extra sugar , snot & dried up boogers
outside on the stoop
peeping the scene
where the dope boys gave
us money for the ice cream
its all about c.r.e.a.m
the amerikkkan dream
where niggas don't buy books
they buy triple beams
look me in my eye
you can tell that eye know (see the struggles)
they wash up like soap
go head soak it in
I don't play to win (cause i don't play games)
i play in the wind
with me eyes to the sky
looking for a place where
we don't sin
& don't have to spend nothing but time
but that doesn't exist
so why do crime
these rhymes be my exit
I'm doing over time on the next shift
i might get a bonus
bumping flying lotus
engine # 9 (Flying Lotus - #9 Riot)
bout to cause a riot
if your bundles is stack (Stack Bundles Riot Squad)
I'm doing bad by myself free that nigga Max (Max B) (Stack Bundles - Bad by myself)
It's vigilante season
I'm dead pool
Fwego silver surfer tryna keep his cool
giving them either to takeover
the breaks over well i never took a break
i just made some bad mistakes
now ima bout to steal your plate
I'm on 3rd bird base , stepping to the A.M (M.C Search)
before DOOM had the mask
this is not a simple task
I put 15 In The Bag
& they still got Idle Hands
I said fuck swag & came in with something better man
city on my back shit
like we wearing letterman jackets
I'm on point like a cactus
my niggas twisting cabbage
always trippy no need for baggage
I'm one hell of a bastard that's it
Track Name: Untitled (Love) ft. Dinah Washington prod. by Fwego
If love was for sale
would you be standing on line?
like its black Friday
but you can't skip the line
or I'll be fighting for mines
shit , at a drop of a dime
you kill me
you killing yourself
black on black crime
I'm Jordan in 85
didn't reach my prime
with the fro just letting go
fast or slow
I'm never pump faking
Its life that's how i take it
but when I'm stress I'm at my best
did my home work
working at home
shit now I pass the test
since I raise my frequency
its hard to let shit get to me
easily , recently
I'm the Neo to negative energy
in my crib eating M&Ms (eating rappers that as good as Eminem)
there's Proof the blind(R.I.P Proof)
will never comprehend
its Bizarre how they depend
on the deaf
when the right ones never left
just taking it step by step
when you take short cuts
you get cut short
changing your minds
off these lines
is my favorite sport
bust down like a Newport
unlocking a new course
welcome ..its free to pay attention
never rapping with tension
a positive force
before i was lost
but i made it across
my dark thoughts
kept my heart pure
knowledge is the key
& I unlock a few doors
watching Gandhi
while a meditate
& elevate , just to educate
& penetrate
the pencil to the paper
the symbols of getting better
chillin with nature
talking to this flower
about my super powers
I can do anything I want
& so can you
the rest is brain wash
by the t.v man
I thought you knew
Program to wake up at certain times
Program to do certain crimes
Program to spread certain lines
well I'm Program to fly & improvise
so we all rise
so don't be surprise
Track Name: HyperReality prod. by Fwego
Its funny how they say its a free country
every where I go shit
i just need money
you pay for weed
you pay for munchies
you was born here
just to pay when you're hungry
think about it?
gold diggers make you pay
when you horny
you pay for gas
you pay to get clothes
you even pay when they let you go
divorce you & they wanting half
of you stash
and if you have
children guess what you paying for that
they showing no mercy
you even pay just to check
if your healthy
you pay for light
you pay for heat
you pay to get shoes
to protect your feet
but some like paying
so they slaving
everyday and
missing the bigger picture
just to get richer
you must like being a nigga
me? I'm a soul with a body
that doesn't give a fuck
grinding all night
losing sleep until you wake up
naw really wake up
they tried to hide the real
so they put the fake up
hyperReality make - up
but they made 1 mistake bruh
and we gonna make em pay
so pay this forward
young trevor
just pay attention
to everything that we mention
show you the light
now here's the entrance
its funny I don't say
weed and bitches
you show no interest
except for that one sentence
you wanna curse my gift
so now here's my vengeance
but the music will live forever
cuz my soul is endless
you have to feel this
Track Name: Bigger Picture prod. by Fwego
Dear Mama,

I'm not tryna be rude
but damn another day we ordering Chinese food
fuck , go to my homies house
hear my stomach making noise
hearing sirens from the boys
I got 5 dollars & a quarter
he offered me food but I ask for water
Ima bout to go cop a nick
so i can get high as shit
to get rid of these feelings
that I'm dealing with
but as soon as I come down
it's like there it is

(Negative Thoughts) you cant get ride of me
you need something stronger
I know you love that Hennessy
greasy chicken from Kennedys
fuck this music shit nigga
you can't even rap
nobody from the ville
ever made to the map
better off getting a gat
they didn't listen to Pac (R.I.P Tupac)
you better fall back
cause they splitting wigs for a stack
they'll never see the bigger picture
thats how i like it nigga
girls fucking up their future
for niggas that making figures
I even made Marvin father (R.I.P Marvin Gaye)
pull the trigger nigga
you better look around
& get familiar
you tryna live your dreams
Ima make shit get realer

(Gotta Think Positive)

...I sat back thinking maybe I should quit
they want me to lose
but this life is a gift
so I'm not winning shit
just tell it how it is
& go about my biz
kushandbeatz is for the kids
improve on how you live
love is everything
everything else fake
that's why I'm feeling great
cause my heart never hate

the first to help you
are the ones who knows
how it feels to fall down
so the first day I've been done
to take over with these sounds
from the underground

What should I do now?
Track Name: The Architect prod. by Fwego
Documentary Sample

I guess its the gift & the curse
your favorite rappers are dead
I'll probably die after this verse
I keep it smooth tho
i rarely go off
bury my physical with me rhyme books
my spirit will pick up where I left off
I'm right where I need to be
Time keeps on G'ing me (playing tricks on us) (can't tell time in space)
Gold soul shinning (stay gold ponyboy)
so I don't need no jewelry
since elementary
all I wanted to do is spit
with a crew that's legit
that's the shit , that is it
but now a day's
it's what kind of sneakers you wear
& what type of whip you steer
& what type of weed you have in the air
so yeah ,
I have these black vans
& I ride a bike man
I don't love weed no more
shit i love my rap fans
everything is kushandbeatz
and I be high off these beats
It's in the bag
50 , 30 , please don't 15
that was first (:15 in the bag: was the first mixtape)
so flip that in reverse
this verse is unrehearsed
rapping in my room
keep it low Mom hates when I curse
sorry Ma , D'evils
had me diggin in your purse
now we changing the world
so mothers never digging in their purse
& If you go against the movement
its cool don't pretend
but just know all bad things come to an end
you don't owe us nothing
but some time that you can spend
changing your lifestyle
with the words from my pen
I know we all sin
but If you know what i know
then we can all win
I mean we can all win so.....