Track Name: Yoshi prod. by J Dilla
Think less live more
negativity you learn how to ignore
my mom told me a smile is always free
& our style is COOL don't you agree
we stay fresh with the beats & the lyrics
rebirth of the slick spirits ( Rebirth of the Slick - Cool Like That- Digable Planets)
the kush had me moving timid
Dre said without limits
so now I grind every minute
still on a mission
to mention everything that they didn't
so i bring the peace like John Lennon
an angel dress all white linen
let my hair grow back
with the nappy heads bringing the afro's back
yall fruit of loops
get yall apples jack
if it aint kushandbeatz
then i don't wanna hear all that

"go slip on a banana peel
hittin turns like mario kart for the thrill
just to see how it feel"

its just me & yoshi
in this jungle
where they all wanna score
but they fumble
over money clothes & jewelery
that they see
but i see family's
kicking each other down
for gifts just to be
the star on top of the tree
it's sad you see
not enough to be controlling me
or holding me
i think , therefore i am
black peter pan
bring philosophy to this tragedy
go head laugh at me
my imagination equals my greatness
peace & love to the nation
taking naps while you waking
time waits for me
i don't keep track of the day
i be lost in the week
sp don't ask me what i think
if you're gonna against what i bring
tryna change my mike
to white & i don't even sing R.I.P
go head mighty mouse
go head chase the cheese
Ima moonwalk to dreams
changing everything
Track Name: No Gimmicks prod. by Flying Lotus
Can't fall in love with these illusions
how you gonna survive with your mind polluted (brain on different drugs)
confusion , come fuck with the movement
the undisputed , live & direct
came to collect , every ounce of respect
until we resurrect (wake up)
cause & effect
you causing corruption & interruptions
cool , we don't follow instructions
free the underground , Harriet Tubman
writing more than Fredrick Douglas
while I'm cutting
through the back field
life is unreal
you can wait until a bag of chips is 2 dollars (25 cents bag , then 50 , 75 )

Tryna have my whole hood pop collars
and have scholars
free education without owing dollars (debt Sentence)
safe parks for the toddlers
growing up without fathers
but yall don't hear me tho
your eyes stuck on TV & porno
lost in images
this is for the tribes & villages
where the surroundings is limited
they don't know about
sleeping on the couch
moving from house to house
having plaque in your mouth
turning socks inside - out ( less fortunate)
didn't sleep in a few days
bumping illmatic
ignoring their fear tactics
Mos definitely feeling ecstatic (Mos Def - Ecstatic)
super magic , slaying dragons (Mos Def The Ecstatic - #1 Supermagic)
who be bragging
about name brand clothes
only a few people my color
who own those
bout to pick every bum
in the street
& having them Mobbin Deep with me
as I'm killing these beats
survival of the fittest & they still here (Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest)
shut the fuck up , i care
we all deal with pain
young boys selling candy on the train
or be dancing for a meal
well - least they don't have
kill or steal but still
can't say we free we
get these shackles off your mind
they tryna tackle when we grind
I'm a philosopher
in disguise
until we rise
Track Name: Kon'science (Conscious) Shift ft. Malcolm X prod. by Prof. Logik
Fuck It
we bring the ruckus
to bring you justice
cause the game disgusting
life's a bitch & I'm lusting
adjusting my moves paying my dues
dropping jewels
you snooze you lose
If I had a penny for every all nighter
my pockets be nicer
& I'll have better attire
and the empire will transpire
but its hard cutting through the barbed wire
If i said I walk on water
bet I see alot of fire
i have no secret motives
but to keep focus
and let the real be notice
Its a big planet
any wish can be granted
so I'm taking chances
against all odds
fuck a job til the end
on a planet I was born in
can't be a victim to the system of control
they want your soul
so every verse I'm letting go
got rid of my ego
still incognito
I don't hate
I just meditate
& drift away to see better days
tryna over come these computer chips
make a mark on this world
then I dip
If life a movie well i just flip the script
& skipped to the part
where the bad guy wins (every good guy gets label as the bad)
he was good but he got corrupted with sin
I was the one you didn't believe in

This Is A Kon'science ( Conscious ) Shift
Track Name: BookHead prod. by JJ DOOM
Last of a righteous breed
relax & breathe
whats on the outside
is whats underneath
a mad face
that show his teeth
they never understand
i don't think that its meant to be
so i fly away just to see
how your life will be
without lil ol me
I dose off & i can hear my nana speak
she said its destiny
teach the streets like sesame
but respectfully
100 problems (many problems on earth)
& i choose em all
if it don't work out
i know that i wasn't wrong (if kushandbeatz cant fix them ..i tried)
i put my heart in every song
shit..i know where my heart belongs
so i gotta stay strong
not for me , for my lil sisters
I'm not tryna be just another nigga
but its so much trouble in this mirror
maybe I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one (R.I.P. John Lennon)
Imagine everyone
having fun
under the sun
but its Capital Punishment word to Big Pun (R.I.P. Big Pun)
Track Name: Kon'science ft. Mohtaf - 1 Mirror prod. by The Alchemist
Fuck money good vibes
rules the nation
so if you talking happy
i be in your conversation
humanity is in competition
its an elevation
of everybody has a union
see what I'm saying

( Kon'science )

The game is such a tragic
I'm outside , no shoes
I'm the Ol Dirty Bastard
hope yall got yall belts fasten
get ready for the ride
I'm not good with math
but they tried to divide
besides WE ALL ARE ONE
so while I'm taking naps
the people are waking up
cutting of their leash
striving for peace in the streets
spittin over The Alchemist
while reading The Alchemist
can't see what I see
you need to update your javascript
just to master this
this is a classic hit
you look fantastic miss
fuck that plastic shit
flame on , fantastic quick
shitting on the beat
the flow is laxative
had enough of this rapping shit
so let me talk to you
that's if you listen
cant hold your hand
& walk with you
I'm use to the tripping
but now I'm dipping
thro the back streets
the game needs kushandbeatz
if you ask me
work it out like a athlete
at a track meet
nigga the world is yours
what are you scared??
B.I.G. said it was all a dream
but we still stuck in this nightmare
can't have a convo
without you bringing up
whats on Instagram or World Star
like I give a damn
you said this world is beautiful
half my life in a cubical
but I'm the one delusional
I should go out right
party , get drunk
yea i know the USUAL
but if you (me) broke & bummy (hypothetically)
she won't be screwing you (me)
telling her friends what she do with you (me)
its like I woke up
and the world is different
or I stop pretending to be like them (The Rest Of The World)
and now they show no interest
my mind & physical
keep their distance
but still want a commitment
but shit I know I aint trippin
but shit I know I aint trippin ..Huh
they have eyes
but can not see what I see
with my eyes close
living life blind fold
the signs told
living young but reality shows
I'm getting old
I'm 5,432 but the 1
to helps us thro
what the fuck we going thro
so destroy whats destroying
It's cool
i guess you don't know no better (I didn'nt either at some point)
cut from a different cloth
that will last forever ∞
so clever how it all came together
they shooting bullets like Webber
tryna put an end to my color
my brothers , from another earth
another turf
lost in the wind
I guess they playing for them
against they own skin
so how the fuck we gon win ?
being jealous a sin
selling , prostituting , killing
man , like when will it end
they laughing again
instead of using your brain
you running trains
wondering why you trapping
but you , you just trap in
and there they go again laughing
so brace your soul
when we brake control
just give it a few months
so it can take its toll
homies in the hood
just break & roll
until we brake these roads
& obstacles you can hold us responsible
cuz we unstoppable
for doing the impossible