Track Name: Kon'science - Let's Take It Back(Ruff Draft) prod. J Dilla
Champ of the ring
Dead president face paint
all black with
a bat like Sting
cause its no games
when I flow man
these Hollywood Hogans
are program for the grand slam
they want a batter
not a broken ladder
stars in my gang
has mass appeal
so it really don't matter
who's up first
let it be me
I swear I'm the worst
my attitude is perverse
life's a pool of sin
& i dove head first
my life's a book
every chapter is a verse
down to earth
like a pair of converse
when I converse
so knod ya head
when you hear Kon verse
bad vibes disperse
on a Fwego. beat is where you heard it first
so now Im back up on my bullshit
when i was smoking on Big L's
waking up to a Full Clip
my niggas gon feel this
I suffered so I can return
harder & smarter
dropping bombs like pearl harbor
& sharper with more cuts
than your barber...shit
save the best for last
your future is my past
now I'm tryna master my craft (Kraft)
& if that sound cheesy then
there's nothing like this Ruff Draft
take it back , take it back
when we wore wave caps
on Fl studio demo
so we couldn't save that
wait let me rephrase that
we did beats all in one shot
not alot of time on the clock
but we made that one shot
when I shared my room
with the rats & roaches
I struggled than
so who knows what else I'll be approaching
we all players in this Slum village
& never need coaching
rappers living in a glass house
& its stones they throwing (Stones Throw)
always boasting bout clothing
rapper or model ?
are you flowing or posing?
& if the shoe fits then
fuck lets go bowling
cause the pen's/pins
can't fuck with me when I get the ball rolling
Jay Dee
Track Name: Kon'science - Right Where You Stand prod. by Dj Premier
always said if I was put on the spot to spit on a beat
first thing ima do is bring up the streets
the ones you never meet
rest in peace
and the ones going thro the struggle not tryna settle
fuck the police
in the same car as Rodney King
hoody on like Trayvon
the games on
you see my attitude
I aint mad at you (I Ain't Mad At Cha)
cops in my rear view
i see the helicopters too
i got the chopper too
lord knows what we about to do
T.I in the passenger
Huey in the back
Pac with the bandana
polishing the mac
in a all black Cadillac
from the bottom of the map
and I'm always on point
when I sleep , I cant relax
I be lost in the music
tryna find my way back
in fact
I'm trapped in a maze
alone on the stage
funny how time flys
when u rhyming
making beats you wanna give up
but you keep on trying but you
tired of the cycle
same shit different day
how can I get away
& maintain & stay sane
keep my headphones on
Im in the zone wanna be left alone
& I'm gone
Track Name: Kon'science - Get A Hold prod. by J Dilla
Jay Electronica:
The people are in constant fear of a Trojan War
The vehicle that's supposed to free us is just an whore. (Babylon)
Listen , I gotta call 'em like I see 'em
Even if it means they'll sanction my per diem (get punish for speaking truth)
The angels will thank me in the streets when I see 'em..
Saying', there he go but I wouldn't wanna be him.

The soul in the puppet in show
the drums & trumpet knows
who flows when this show
can be so predictable
I'm down to my last string can that be
I guess the kush really
didn't hurt my memory
I kill em all
now I smile for courtesy
for the world to see
its about c.r.e.a.m
but only dead fish
follow the stream
I had some setbacks
come up for a come back
you Lion to kings (lying)
Barry Sanders the way I run that (Lions , Rb Barry Sanders)
now bump that
I'm in point like a thumb tack
rappers talk a whole lot of shit
here's a tick tack
I'm sorry mama cant lie to the youth
stay away from weed & drugs
& only shoot at the hoops
cause they don't care about you
don't get it twisted me either
cause they can get super ugly
I give the fire some ether
I'm Moses when they attack the block
belly of the beast
so sincere back to the motherland
fuck these streets
a misfit on this sickfit
we throwing alley oops
cause we putting on a clinic
more tracks than Olympics
with good energy its all physics
young Casper with bad brothers
but good spirits
fuck with my lyrics
i type it in just in case you aint hear it
Track Name: Kon'science - Unplugged prod. by Dj Premier
This is more than words that rhyme together
deep thought in every letter
underground is moving better
signs of letting up never
sleeping on me & I'll remove the feathers
nightmares in my dream catcher
tryna keep me away from what I'm after
soul survivor like Ace Boogie
in paid in full
I give my niggas a push
while others like to pull
speak no evil hear no evil
mos def tryna to hear no bull
wolfs in sheep clothing rocking alot of wool
but I'm a different species
homies in the hood be getting fried
cuz the hood is greasy
but the way my body react
poisons I gotta subtract
& when I'm just watch the impact
did it all without a contract
same hood same crib
just chill & relax
& vibe with the tracks
if I'm in the front
I decline to the back
money hoes & clothes
yeah we aint tryna hear that
its more than just rap
before it was cool
but now its just wack
life is like a chess game
& the queen is an important piece
no more protecting ?
losing energy when you release
low vibrations in these sheets
low vibrations in these meats
niggas beefing over chicken
low vibrations in these streets
cuz niggas be ready to shoot
put holes in your coup
dont care bout what or who
tryna do it B.I.G man gimmie the loot
ready to die
life after death
born again
with some veggies & fruits